Annual Report for 2016 - Enrolment Growth and Retention

Enrolment Growth and Retention

This area is closely linked to item Financial Viability of Each Campus. The Board is keen to build our enrolments and will review its policy and procedures for enrolment through 2016 and adjust them as needed. The Board has further planned that the School will:

  • Continue to conduct an annual school community survey across all campuses aimed at evaluating their views about the School.

  • Better utilise school publications and website to keep parents informed, reinforce the School ethos and promote the School to other families.

  • Identify key local churches in each campus area. Promotional materials will be provided and opportunities to interact with churches and the School will be sought. The possibility of Seabrook Sundays will be offered. Where possible churches will be kept informed of school activities using mailing lists and promotional material placed on church notice boards.

  • Seek new suggestions and options to make our school better known. Develop a three year enrolment growth plan with input from staff, parents and other school stakeholders.

  • The Board, Principal, members of staff and parents would focus on promoting the School to their own and other local churches.

  • Opportunities will be looked for to present the School in the community such as visits to Homes for the Aged, Agricultural Shows, and Eisteddfods.

  • Attention should be given to building the School spirit through parent meetings, family nights and school community fundraising activities.

  • We would look for new ways to showcase student work and acknowledge our students achievements at all levels of the School (K-12) but that we would especially promote the successes of our graduates.

While it is hard to gauge how much promotion took place in churches, the students did perform at aged homes and eisteddfods and represented us well. Student work was also on display at Wynyard Show and our students came away with commendable results. We have not promoted the successes of our recent graduates or tried to keep contact with our former graduates. Is there anyone willing to help in this way? God has used these young men and women to honour Him and it would be encouraging to us all to see what God has done with them and remember that our labours in the Lord are not in vain.

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