Annual Report for 2016 - Financial Viability of Each Campus

Financial Viability of Each Campus

While Seabrook Christian School consists of three campuses it is essentially one school. The Board wants all campuses to grow and be viable. It decided that:

  • The Principal would continue to share his support among the campuses, but have a particular emphasis on Somerset.

  • We would run as wide and varied a promotion program as finances allow in each of our campus communities, but with better use of technology e.g. a presence on Google and Facebook and a stronger effort to reach more prospective families through Christian radios stations. We would also seek to provide promotional materials and a presence in key churches and community events.

  • We would investigate ways by which we can be more cost efficient and minimise duplication.

The major concentration of our efforts ended up on the Christian or community radio stations. We had two professionally made advertisements which were aimed at different sectors of the community. These were broadcast over several months in Hobart, Launceston and the North West. While we did receive some favourable feedback from supporters and acquaintances there was no noticeable impact in student enrolments.

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