Annual Report for 2016 - Physical Facilities and Resources

Physical Facilities and Resources

The Board decided that there will be no capital expenditure on buildings in 2016. In future years, priority is to be given to improving teaching aids and resources. It was decided that:

  • The needs for improving our Technology resources – woodwork, metalwork, plastics, food and textiles – will have been reviewed and recommendations provided to the Board.

  • All existing computers would be replaced at the beginning of 2017. Our goal is to keep abreast of ICT developments and maintain or improve our current computer (a PC, laptop or iPad) to student ratio (currently approaching 1:1) across the School.

  • Our ICT subcommittee will have considered cost effective ways to improve our computer hardware and video conferencing facilities at each campus and made recommendations to the Board. The improvement in computing hardware will also be supported by in-house training to enable teachers to upgrade their ICT skills.

  • The School will actively seek to share resources with other likeminded schools to provide facilities and resources for essential student activities.

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