Annual Report for 2016 - Core Educational Values

Core Educational Values

The foundation of our School is the Christian faith and the freedom to teach from a Biblical worldview (perspective). Christian teachers are a fundamental part of any Christian school. We are very grateful to our dedicated teachers for all that they do for the students and the school.

The Board has considered ways it could support current teachers and recruit new teachers when needed. It has allocated funds for professional development to assist our teachers to continue to grow in their knowledge and develop their skills.Accordingly, the School has in place a Seabrook Teacher Professional Learning Plan based on the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership documents “Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework” and the “Australian Professional Standards for Teachers”. The principal is also expected to conduct annual performance reviews with each teacher.

The role of a teacher is becoming increasingly more stressful. One of the Board’s responses was to employ a part–time curriculum officer, Mrs Alison Blackberry. She has been a real help. Another response has been to provide access for staff to professional counselling services if and when it is needed.

In regards to our curriculum the School has continued to review the impact of technology in relation to classroom operation and teaching methodology and has also sought to collaborate with other like-minded schools to share teaching and curriculum resources where possible and practical.

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