Annual Report for 2016 - Governance and Administration

Governance and Administration

The School board has seen some changes in recent years and has tried to have a broader spread of board members with representatives from each campus. 2015 saw Hobart provide two members of the nine member board. We are very pleased to have Andrew Glover and Mark Hochman serving with us. Meetings were at first held by video conferencing, but then went to face to face meetings at our central Launceston campus. We now have a broader spread of skills and abilities as well as a wider area of representation.(In 2016 Mark Hochman was appointed Chair and Andrew Glover Secretary.)

Regular sessions on improving our knowledge of board legal responsibilities and accountability are held at Board meetings. The Board also attended training by Michael Shorter arranged by Independent Schools Tasmania.

The board also regularly reviews policies and considers areas of possible risk and statutory compliance. We are aware of the serious responsibility we have in operating a school and being responsible for the many needs of our students and their families, our dedicated staff and the broader community.


The board also has a responsibility to have succession plan in place for senior staff and has commenced this process.  Succession plans are intended to plan ahead so that there can be a smooth transition when a senior staff member needs to be replaced.


At the end of 2016, our principal, Mr. Alan Horne retired.  The principal for 2017 is Mr. Jared Khu.

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