Annual Report for 2016 - Report


The School’s Strategic Plan covers seven different areas - Governance and Administration, Core Educational Values, Financial Position, Physical Facilities and Resources, Financial Viability of Each Campus, Enrolment Growth and Retention, Staffing Security.

 2015 was the third year in a row that we had to face a review by the Schools Registration Board.  The legal challenges of 2014 and the delay in getting a final decision about our registration for 2015, contributed significantly to our student numbers reducing from 150 to about 107.  Some of our students according to the usual pattern were moving away and others were graduating, but sadly a sizeable number had a need for certainty about schooling in 2016 and their parents understandably made alternative arrangements at other schools. 

Our 2015 Strategic Plan allowed for modest growth in student numbers.  We were planning and trusting God to send along replacements and were very thankful that we had another 18 full time students by the latter part of the year.  Our FTE was 125. Thank you to all who had a part in this and give thanks also to God for His faithfulness.  We will need to be determined, entrepreneurial and prayerful in 2017, as at the conclusion of 2016, our student numbers had dropped, presenting us with the same kinds of challenges ahead of us once again.


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