Annual Report for 2016 - Senior Secondary Outcomes

Senior Secondary Outcomes

The school is also required to provide information on our Year 12 students.

  1. The percentage of students in Year 12 who have undertaken vocational or trade training is 33%
  2. The percentage of students in Year 12 who have attained a Year 12 Certificate or equivalent VET qualification is 100%

What are the expectations of our year 12 students? 

Historically, the school has offered a Year 12 General Certificate and a Year 12 Academic Certificate, each demanding a different academic standard.  The General Certificate requires 27 credits and the Academic Certificate 29 credits.  With greater pressures for students to continue on to Year 12 rather than graduating in Year 10, we introduced a Year 12 Vocational Certificate that caters for the less academic student, and provides a more practical educational pathway. 

Students with our grade 12 Academic and General certificates have been able to gain acceptance in university and TAFE courses. Students wishing to progress to university are also encouraged to sit for standardized tests such as the SAT or undertake short bridging courses if they are recommended by the university. Tutoring to prepare for the SAT test is able to be provided by the school. 

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