Annual Report for 2016 - History



Our school began in 1981 as a ministry of the Somerset Baptist Church.Classes commenced in the church building, in Simpson Street, with 14 pupils from grades 1 to 9.The school has continued to grow since its inauguration.


In 1992, the school and church moved to the current location at 30 Seabrook Rd.In 1999 the school changed its structure from being a ministry of the church and under the church authority, to an independent, not for profit organization that operates under the banner of Seabrook Christian Education Services Inc.The school itself was then renamed Seabrook Christian School.

In 2000, the school commenced a distance education program at the Somerset campus, and two new distance education campuses at Launceston and St Helens.Later, a fourth distance education campus was begun at Ranelagh and later moved to Kingston. The St Helens campus developed into a full-time school in 2002 (in 2003 we moved into our new school building), and Launceston campus commenced full-time schooling in 2004.

2006 saw some significant developments in our school facilities.A new classroom was constructed at Somerset and work commenced on an oval/soccer field.Federal Government grants were also provided to build a sports field, basketball court, and concrete play area at our St Helens campus.Ground work was put in place to start a new campus offering full-time and distance education at Hobart incorporating some of our Kingston students and students from the former Tasmanian Christian Academy.

Due to significant changes in the community and a consequent decline in student numbers, we were reluctantly forced to close our St Helens Campus in December 2012.

At the end of 2011, our facilities were improved at our Somerset Campus due to the Federal Government’s B.E.R. funding.We were able to expand our office space and construct a new multipurpose hall with library and classroom facilities.

In 2013, we were forced to purchase the building that we had been renting at Georgetown Road, Newham when the owner put it up for sale. In 2014, were also enabled to build a much appreciate multipurpose room and improve our playground facilities. At Hobart our buildings were extended by the addition of a relocatable classroom for our Kinder class.


As our campuses are in strategic locations, we are now able to offer increasing accessibility to more of the Christian community.Add to this the flexibility of our individualized methodology and especially the blessing of our Saviour, and we are well placed to tackle the challenging and changing world of education.

We are thankful to God for His faithfulness (Lam. 3:22, 23) and guidance throughout the years. We are blessed to have so many committed staff and are also very appreciative of the parents who are committed to the spiritual and educational progress of their children. Seabrook desires to utilize the Lord’s provision of resources and talents to provide a school that will honour Him and be a blessing to those who seek a Biblically based education.

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