Annual Report for 2016 - Report on the Strategic Plan for 2016 - Chairman's Forward

Report on the Strategic Plan for 2016 

Chairman’s forward

Seabrook Christian School occupies a special niche in the Tasmanian education sector with an emphasis on self-paced learning and presenting students with a biblical world view. Over thirty years of operation it has graduated many hundreds of students who have been active contributors in their communities, professions, churches and families. A saying from a past generation that you may have heard was “as goes the family, so goes the nation!” At Seabrook we aim to educate the whole person so that they understand and are equipped to fulfil their God given roles and calling in our society.

As you read the report below you will see that 2016 was a difficult year for Seabrook, however we also have many opportunities and thus we face the future with confidence in our God that He will provide all our needs. We have much to be thankful for including the dedication of our principal, our teachers and you, our parents and students. The Seabrook Board will be seeking to engage parents and other stakeholders in a new strategic plan for the School through 2017 and on behalf of all Board members, we look forward to the opportunity to hear your ideas for our School.

As Hudson Taylor once remarked, “the future is as bright as the promises of God,” and as a School we are founded and rest on God’s promises.

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