School Handbook

School Information

Student Arrivals and Departures:  Our Duty of Care cover will be between 8.30 am – 3.30 pm unless other arrangements have been made with the Teacher beforehand, i.e. the previous day.

Sign In/Out Book:  Students arriving more than 15 minutes late must sign the book.  Students leaving early must be signed out by their parent.  This forms part of our Duty of Care procedures.

Attendance:  Full time students are expected to attend for the full week.  The School Office should be notified of unexpected non-attendance by 9.30 am on the day of absence.  Where possible, notification of non-attendance should be given to the Teacher prior to the day (i.e. specialist appointments).  Where students do not attend and no notification is given, the family will be contacted by telephone or SMS by the school office.  (We are legally obliged to contact parents if we do not know where the students are.)

Full time Students: What to bring daily to the learning centre

  • All current workbooks and activities

  • Student diary

  • Morning snack, lunch & drink

    What not to bring

  • Mobile phones, radio, MP3 players, etc.

  • Electronic games

  • Valuables and breakables not needed for classroom activities

    Any of these items brought in by students will be held at the school office (or classroom) until the end of the day and then sent home with the student.

    Mobile PhonesIf parents deem it necessary for their child to carry a mobile phone, they will be required to complete a Mobile Phone Notification form.  Students permitted to carry mobiles, must hand them in at the office upon arrival at school and collect them at the end of the day. If a student brings a phone and does not hand it in, it will be confiscated and given back at the end of the next day.  No mobile phone use during school hours is permitted. Contact with students should be made through the school office during school hours.

    DiariesStudents will be issued with a diary. Diaries must be brought in each day. These are one important means of communication between home and school. The diary must be signed each school night by parent(s). If a student has been absent, a written note must be entered into the diary from the parent(s) regarding the absence.

    MeritsThese are awarded for good behaviour/work and for completed work. Merits may be banked, or kept by the student. The merit shop will be available usually at the end of each term.

    DemeritsDemerits are given for behaviour that is unacceptable in the classroom. An accumulation of 3 demerits in a day will result in a 15 minute detention, usually at lunchtime the following day. Each demerit over 3 will incur an extra 5 minute penalty. When a student has been given a detention, a notice will be sent home for a parent signature.

    PoliciesPolicies are being developed and reviewed on an ongoing basis.  The current approved policies are available from each Campus and will be available on the internet.  Our web address is

    Student ConventionEach year, in September-October, students participate in the Senior (4/5 days) or Junior (2 days) Student Convention. This is an opportunity for students to exercise, share and enjoy their God-given talents in the pursuit of excellence. Competition involves the areas of Academic, Art, Athletics, Craft, Photography, Music, and Platform. Junior Convention is a shorter competition encompassing the same competition areas, for students up to Year 6. If you require more detailed information about Student Convention, please ask your child’s supervisor/teacher.

    It is advisable to commence preparation for Convention as early as possible. You may purchase a copy of the relevant guidelines:

  • Primary Guidelines - $6 (binder extra)

  • Secondary Guidelines - $22 (binder extra)

  • CD/DVD - $2 (when available)

  • Or go to the following websites – Seniors:, Juniors:


    The Bible says to students of every generation that their greatest priority is to have a right heart before God rather than a right appearance before man. However, clothing was given by God as a covering for nakedness (Gen 3:7, 8, 21). Consequently we expect our students to be attired modestly. Consider the following Scripture references:

    1 Samuel 16:7  “… do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature … for the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance but the LORD looks at the heart.”

    1 Timothy 2:9 “...adorn themselves with proper clothing, modest and discreet...”

    Students are required to wear full uniform unless otherwise specified by the supervisor/teacher.  The school has made a huge commitment, both of time and finances, in the establishment and stocking or our uniform. To help minimize overheads and to ensure that our uniform is all the same, we require that all uniform, except for black lace up shoes and sports shoes, be purchased through the school.

    Orders:  Information can be obtained from each campus office.



  • Light blue short sleeved shirt

  • Navy trousers or shorts – shorts to be at least mid-thigh

  • Navy socks

  • Standard black leather school shoes – lace up (not pull-on boots or skate shoes)

  • Navy school jumper

  • Plain black belt – if needed

  • Navy school hat - broad brim, bucket, or (seniors only) cap

    Winter:  As above, but with long sleeved shirt, not short sleeved, and with Seabrook tie

    Hair must be kept off the collar, off the ears and off the eyebrows. Extreme hair styles are not acceptable. No facial hair is permitted (moustaches, beards, long sideburns). Hair colouring is discouraged, but if used, it needs to be only one colour, a conservative and natural colour.



  • Navy/white check dress (half-slip required & length to be level with floor when kneeling)

  • Light blue short sleeved blouse – up to & including grade 3, optional

  • Skort – up to & including grade 3, optional

  • Navy school jumper (low allergy)

  • Short white socks

  • Standard black leather school shoes – lace up (no high heels or platform soles)

  • Navy school hat – broad brim, bucket, or (seniors only) cap


  • Light blue long sleeved blouse with Peter Pan collar
    (Senior girls must wear a neutral coloured camisole/singlet under blouse)

  • Checked navy skirt – with bib, up to grade 3; no bib required grade 4 onwards (length – to be level with floor when kneeling)

  • Light blue long sleeved blouse – as per summer code

  • Skort, shoes and jumper – as per summer code

  • Navy stockings

  • Navy girls’ bow tie

    Hair must be kept off the face and fringes are to be kept above the eyebrows. Girls with long hair are to have it tied back with school colour ribbons or ponytail holders (dark or light blue, black or white). Hair colouring is discouraged, but if used, it needs to be only one colour, a conservative and natural colour

    Other Uniform – Girls and Boys

  • Blazer – optional Years 9 and 10; mandatory 11 and 12

    SwimmingAs a common sense precaution, students should always have a hat, T-shirt, and 15+ sunscreen with them at all outdoor swimming activities. The following conditions apply to the style of students’ costumes worn for sports activities, field trips, camps or other school activities.


  • Modest one-piece costumes.  Rash tops are recommended

  • No low cut fronts, high cut legs, or halter neck style


  • Board shorts or similar.  Rash tops are recommended

  • No Speedo/Racer style costumes

    Sports Uniform (Both boys and girls)

  • Navy basketball shorts

  • School sport (Aerolite) shirt

  • Navy track pants – fleecy (microfibre available for seniors only)

  • School rugby top

  • Short white sport socks

  • Sports shoes – mainly white & blue; w/out bright or fluorescent colours

  • Navy school hat (compulsory in terms 1 & 4)


  • Watches are an acceptable part of uniform. (No bright coloured watchbands).

  • No ‘friendship’ bands of any kind.

  • Bracelet/bangles, which have been worn since babyhood and cannot be removed except by cutting, are permitted, but a parent note is required.

  • No earrings are to be worn by boys. 

  • Only plain silver or gold earrings, studs or small sleepers may be worn if girls’ ears are pierced (1 earring in each ear). No other jewellery or body piercing is permitted.

  • No make-up or coloured nail polish to be worn. (Clear nail polish is acceptable for girls.)

  • Lip balm – clear only (girls).

Other items of jewellery worn by students will be removed and kept in the school office until the end of term when they will be returned.

Tattoos are not acceptable.

Out-of-Uniform Days

  • Tight fitting/body hugging clothes are not acceptable.

  • Please, also check the pictures/motifs/slogans on casual clothing for anything offensive or anti-Christian.


  • Whilst jeans and shorts are permitted, all shorts, skirts and dresses need to be approximately knee length.

  • Definitely no singlet tops or exposed midriffs.

  • No make-up or jewellery other than per school dress code


  • No short shorts

  • No singlet tops

  • No jewellery

    Emergency Procedures

    Student accident/Illness:  If a student becomes unwell, or suffers an accident while at school, first aid will be administered by a first aid officer, and the details of any treatment given will be recorded on an incident report form. The parent/s will be notified of the incident by telephone, or diary note or a copy of the incident report will be sent home. Parents will be contacted, as directed on the student’s health form, if further action is deemed necessary.

    Fire/Evacuation:  In the event of a fire or similar emergency, students and staff will leave the buildings and meet at the specified assembly point. Plans for this procedure are displayed in every room, and drills are conducted at intervals during the school year.


    A copy of this handbook is available for download here.

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